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A Podcast about Great Music.

The Plough is a podcast about records we really like. It's as simple as that. Each podcast we take an album that we love but that we feel has possibly been given an unfair rub of the coin, and try to share our enthusiasm for it with you, the listeners.  Part of each podcast include audio excerpts from each album we are looking at, so there's music in there too. Remember though guys, it is unlawful to  reproduce or use these excerpts for profit  without the artist or label's express permission.

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Rohan Nichol

Rohan is an actor, occasional musician and all-around good bloke. You might recognise him from a certain Star Wars prequel, or a fine Australian dramatic production, or  maybe just from being a likeable man-about-town. In any case, he has great opinions about music, and has an avid interest in bee-keeping.

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Chris Pickering

Chris likes to think of himself as a musician and a deep thinker. He's definitely not an actor. How deep that thinking actually goes is a matter of conjecture, but he really likes music. So much so, he often writes and performs it himself. You can check out his original music at his music website.

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We do this for fun. Please share, but give credit where credit is due and don't rip off great artists.