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Episode 8: The Lost Album

This episode Rohan and Chris review one of the greatest least-heard records ever made, Lewis Taylor's The Lost Album (2005). Lewis Taylor was an English artist who taste major success in the 1990s with his first two albums, Lewis Taylor (1996), and Lewis II (2000). Somewhere in between those two releases though, he made what we think is the best album of his career, but the sessions were shelved and it didn't end up being released until he moved to a new label nearly 10 years later. To compound things and add to the mystery, shortly after it was finally released, he decided he didn't want to be a part of the music business at all, and withdrew from the spotlight in the midst of a US promotional tour. He hasn't released any music since and doesn't have a website. Nonetheless, all of the music he did release is still out there to be heard and it's still remarkable to this day.


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